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Bikini Lover📸

I think I have more bikinis than actual clothes! I love the ocean, it makes me happy & bikinis just compliments that happiness.

Bikini season is year round for me; I go into shopping overload and instead of buying clothes I always end up with more bikinis than I’d originally planned🙈.

I grew up on the beach, (I just had to cross the street to the beach); my mom would yell at us all the time for running away to go for a swim. No lie, we would get punished every single day for wet clothes. Sometimes we would say; “Oh! Mom, we were on our way from school and our cousin pushed us in the sea”. 🤣  of course that was never the case. But, it made us happy and even though I don’t live that near the beach anymore, I still feel like I was born to be a mermaid.

Bellow are some of my bikini photos I was able to recover from back in the day. Lol! Not that long ago; but you get it 😉📸.


  • Agua Bendita
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Plumeria Swimwear
  • Camila Coelho
  • Luca Nua
  • TigerMist
  • SolDeMare

And those are just a few of my favs. 😉 Enjoy 

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