I remember the first time I voted; it was so much fun. My sisters and i put on our national shirts and marched onto the school house in our Little community to cast my first vote. “Too Much fun”, & at the time it seemed like the right party to vote for. 

Growing up my mom use to always say; your vote is private, the world doesn’t have to know who you voted for or why. Keep it simple. Of course I thought she was being silly, but as time go by I now understand the meaning of privacy, boundaries and respect for other people’s opinions & beliefs. I usually vote for who I believe is seeking real change, weather it’s the National Party or the Liberal, or any other. 

 Honestly, I’m not a huge politician; I love the madness of it (cheering & rooting), but that’s about it. I’ve realized the real reason for voting is too stressful. You never know who’s gonna do good or not. I casted my vote, prayed for the best and I kept it movin’. No time for arguing about who’s better & who’s not. The main fact is that; politics means business, the poor seeking a fortune and the rich wanting more power & wealth. Very few are in there just for the people. 

So, today I cast my vote and I pray that whoever is chosen that they do not take their eyes of the prize “The People” and may God guide their every step to a fair a successful campaign. 

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole starecase.

-Martin Luther King

Mi deber como ciudadana es votar. 

-Maricella W. 💋

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