My Travel Diary 

I've always dreamed of roaming the world. I don't care for a big house or a fancy car. I love fashion but I would set that aside too.  Besides being caught up with work and being a mommy, I've put my other dreams on hold. The last time I tried to buy I ticket to... Continue Reading →

Dear Diet Diary

I've never been able to deal with a strict diet. I love the way I feel when I'm fit. My clothes fit perfectly, I feel amazing energy wise and of course I'm super confident in a bikini. But just like everyone else, I love food. 😊 I gave birth to our little boy back in... Continue Reading →

My Prayers Answered 

Growing up I was thought to pray and thank God for everything; (good or bad). The good brings us joy and the bad, most time sorrows. But it also brought tons of blessing. We learnt from our mistakes and always took the positive out of the negative and moved forward.  I have experienced many little... Continue Reading →

Missed Me?

Hi Dolls, It's been an entire month since I last posted. Sorry,  I've been experiencing some technical difficulties, but I'm back! I have so much to share, I don't know where to start. I've been super focused on my health and fitness goals these days. I'm super excited to share my progress (which i've been... Continue Reading →


I remember the first time I voted; it was so much fun. My sisters and i put on our national shirts and marched onto the school house in our Little community to cast my first vote. "Too Much fun", & at the time it seemed like the right party to vote for.  Growing up my... Continue Reading →

Ibagari Boutique Hotel

This cute little boutique hotel is located across from Xbalanque, road to west bay.  Relax, dine & forget about work.  Dinned here with a couple of my friends and It was amazing. Really, It didn't feel like I was on Roatan. I sometimes forget how beautiful and huge Roatan is. This one is definitely a... Continue Reading →

I’m home 😊

I love the ocean and all it has to offer. I'm so very blessed to have lived and born in paradise. Visit us someday for the adventure of a lifetime and collect memories you couldn't do anywhere else in the world but here. Cayos Cochinos Honduras is rated as one of the most prestigious private... Continue Reading →

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